Friday, August 13, 2010

silat vs tarawikh ):

alhamdulillah....ramadhan's coming~ :)
i feel so good to be able to see n enjoy this great month.
huhu. matter spoiled the first day..
okay, i continue participate in silat (nw silat cekak malaysia.previously silat gayong) in INTEC. but the training start on the first night ramadhan.oh,shit(sorry >.<)...thats mean i have to skip my tarawikh's prayer bi-jemaah....

its pathetic to hear people praying the tarawikh prayer while training that martial art...huhu. but that's how things have to go.well, INTEC is quite strict about the time..any activity must ended by there's no choice lah. guys judge urself whether it is acceptable @ not. now i kinda adapted to the situation and feels a little better...coz someone said the tarawikh is a sunat..but silat is also important as the're quranic verse that meant 'prepare urself with every aspect of strength....' so yeah...just to calm my serabut mind. and it just 2 over 7 days a week and i can do it individually (the tarawikh) at night...(lame excuses @ not?huhuh)

and the silat instructors are not bad of them, bro Man used to learn medic before. after training, we usually sit together and pleasures ourselves with some hot and mild teh tarik and he tells us stories about why people do not excel in their studies, how can we adapt to new learning environment etc. on saturday we'll attending course how to learn the effective learning techniques by him. he's quite famous actually between universities nearby.

and we'll have iftar jamaie together this saturday with the other silat members ;)


sis-haneii said...

considering to continue my Taekwondo which I quit 3 years a go it make sense??

faiz said...

yeah.make should be okay.
preparation on all aspects
:- physical, academic,spiritual n others.g us otak hebat tapi badan tak prepare nk peratahankan diri.... the risk are quite high.