Friday, August 20, 2010

that little daphnia is smaller!lol

i've carried an experiment aboout affects of caffein to the heart rate of daphnia,a water cute!haha

but the experiment of that daphnia became longer that we expected.why?
usually we use imported daphnia to carry out the experiment. although they're small, but we can see their heart beat. but in our case, they giv us local daphnia... buatan malaysia their size....alahaiii...small like dead..(kecik nk mampos!) haha
it's so hard to capture it and after manage to get that lil. animal,it ran on the microscope slide....dush! we make a trap using something like thread that will restrict their movement so we can observe the heart rate.but the daphnia is too small~ it can run under the hide and seek...huhuh.

so the conclusion here...not only the malaysian people eat less nutrient but the same goes to local daphnia.or maybe those daphnias are fasting. :)

letter to daphnia

sorry daphnia.u're too u have to be longer at the caffein solution.and for my friend's behalf..sorry for disturbing ur matter with ur partner..(the male i guess died while they're doin' some reproduction matters)..i didn't mean to hurt u..once again. and ur name is soo cute...please 4giv me yea.

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