Friday, April 22, 2011


salam you all.

waa...really got hard time here struggling for my semester exam (struggling la sangat..)
i am really worried about my grade just now, biology is just cannot be mastered enough. always got poor marks in previous test compared to my friend..haha. so pacek bioligy, there's so much appointment with you in this coming weeks.haha

but to see my friends are improving is a good sign for me. at least my way of studying works for them.. so maybe just some improvement can be made to achieve my fullbring of study. adoyy.
( who are confused please catch up bleach ya~!)

btw, as an community observant, i see there is diverging of population nowadays. some people , alhamdulillah want to become better in their akhlak and faith in deen. but some other are getting worse, losing their humanity with time. dare to kill poor child and hit a nanny in a robbery. hey man.. just take what u want and leave lah. for killing.......thats too much. haih.

more community report to come.haha
catch you guys later. wanna prepare for tomorrow's field trip. XD


yui92 said...

yeah...morality is deteriorating nowadays

Anonymous said...