Sunday, August 28, 2011

im proud to be a MALAY.herbs version

assalamualaikum guys.

im a Malay, and a Muslim. hheh. (inspired by MatLuthfi video )

and here i want to say how im pround to be a Malay.

every tribe and clan has their specialty, and uniqueness. we as the future generation should appreciate that and learn some of it, to preserve what have been hold for all these years.

and one of my ancestors greatness is how they really know about herbs, and roots.
those early days there are no doctors to treat their sickness and wounds but they are really healthy and strong. they use herbs, and leaves, to make medicine and cure what is wrong with their body.

and that practice use of alternative medicine still ongoing . there are so many alternative practitioners in Malaysia. and some of em are good too. i found some of them can lower the blood pressure, heal paralysis and most of joint pains. this man demonstrated how the herbs helps by cleaning all the poisons contained in our body. y'all remember how japanese people invented the herbs sticker where we have to paste it on our feet right? and all the toxins accumulated there after one long sleep, and the sticker turns black (showing toxins)

and this oil he used, are smeared at this one pakcik's calf . and the toxins and the nanahs and poisons came out from our sweat pores. i was so shocked how many dirty blood came out and wondered how it might turn out if i volunteered. coz i eat alot of processed food and do little exercise. this kind of lifestyle will kill us slowly peeps.

the elder ppl is healthy because they dont eat unhealthy foods and even if the are, they are sweating through their hard works. for example, the farmers. their 'dirty' blood are sucked by leeches in the paddy field and through sweating thus there hardly that anyone fell sick. but nowadays, we EAT alot and live in AIR CONDITIONED spaces. oh yeah, our sweat will never evaporated guys. thus no cleaning of poisons.
gotta sweating a alot from now on. no worry, REXONA are here. haha

and i also know that my elderly know about nerves pretty good. for example, to know how fertile some women,and men as well just by seeing our toes and fingers. hehe. interesting isnt it?
and how important is the mother toe ( ibu jari kaki ==) to us because all nerves are connected at that point. dont believe this? tie ur big toe with rubber band. and walk for 10 minutes. :P
(sorry for all the wrong terms above )

thus, as a doctor to be person, inshaAllah... i strongly suggested to all the doctors out there that although doctor is a professional profession, but dont deny all the alternative way of medicine. despite that we do not learn about them, they might work too. and sumtimes better. those ppl develope their med through experience and we through learning. appreciate the differences, welcomes the goodness. wink wink.

*suddenly feeling wants to learn all this stuff. multiknowledge doctor i'll become. muahaha

peace, assalamualaikum

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