Sunday, November 7, 2010

confusion, the masquerading human illness (puerile entry. do not read it)

oh my, someone just give me another topic to talk about.its about confusion

im sure everyone have been experienced is a state where we cannot make clear of something, or unable to make definite choice about someone @ something. for example, confuse about our feeling to someone (ehem2), confused about what we have learnt from a book (eg. critical thingking book) and do not know what attire we want to put on on a particular day. yeah, it is pitiful condition@ illness(if the confusion soared every time and surpassed our self-restraint)(?) but there are solution for every problem. there are medicine for every illness (yet there are no cure or medicine to stop the call of death ), including confusion. actually we can overcome the confusion by three ways, that are finding the root of the problem, focusing on what we really want and simplifying and making argument on our tasks.

first and foremost to treat confusion, we must find the root/ main problem and then solve it.
it is just like finding the cause for the short circuit to overcome it to affect once again. after we know what exactly we face, it is easy to make a solution about our confusion. for example, if we cannot understand a subject,(eg.biology), maybe it is not that we a dumb, stupid person. actually we confuse about it because our study way is incorrect. thus, just try another way of study and the problem will just fade away.

yeah, maybe the first solution cannot make it to treat ur confusion,so here is another way. as being confuse is we do not really know what to choose, so stay focus on what are u doing and what are u desire for. shortly, this is the process of put the standard on what we really want. by this, u can see clearer on the path u chose and u will no longer confuse. for example, there are a damn hot , pocket-full guy but having some bad attitude (smoking, drunker mybe) and a nice, warm-smile mediocre guy that craving for your love. what would u choose? so its depend on u, what qualities u really want. how do these two will affect ur life? once u know what u really want.. so yeah, u are on your way to make a correct decision.

last but not least, the other way to eliminate that turbulent state of mind is having your task simplified. we can make things simplified by categorize the priority of our action (whether for exam, friend, clubs..) and making schedule! yeah, it is fun,totally.HAHA. let me give some crazy example. " okay for this week.. on monday i have to wear office i choose this blue shirt. tuesday..i will put on this new clothes that i bought, no more confusion after this. but this method require some skills, called critical thinking skills. shorthand, i would say that we can also hone our critical thinking skills as well...(aww..this shud be the main point lahhh..)

in conclusion, i want to assert that whether we are having self-confusion, heart-confusion, action-confusion or whatsoever-confusion..there will be always a way to overcome it. all the points i gave above are actually related. it is the process of self-understanding. we confused and blurred because we don't know. so, take some time and look deep into ur heart by a minute or two. nhaha. hope that this tips can compensate ur feeling to a cheerful and smooth life :)

hope that this entry will boost ur self-assurance and , make u geared up for any massacre mendatang.aiyeeehhh...chow!

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