Thursday, February 3, 2011

aku suka observe orang

(ini post membuang masa namanya. nak buang masa juga baca la)
Gratitude to the Almighty as im still be given time and life to write this entry. it was a sense of relief to hear rumors from friends in Egypt.they are all fine there despite the lack of food and money. phew, what a priceless moment they experienced.

heh, I just want to babble here about my hobby of observing people. oh no, I do notmengusya or stalking anyone, but watching and observing people behaviour.. yeah andthank God I can improve my understanding about people around me. good eh?

when i usually do this? everytime. especially when there is no class or when i go hangout wif freinds or when there is an event or ceremony being held. hoho. we can see many faces, many actions of people at that time. for example, when our lecturer give a 5 min break time.. some of us discussing about the subject, some yawn, some texting wif their smile sculptured on their face. wee~ everyone is different. our perspective is all differ. so i appreciating this by observing all people around me. :)

well i found it was kind off interesting hobby. just look at their face i know what they want, or maybe how they feel but of course this does not apply to everyone. and this really helps me to be more close to my new friends.

in addition, being an observant and understanding is a must-have quality of a good doctor. so yeah, i'm on my way to hone this skill. haha

So for anyone that I close with , always be careful in your actions coz i know what u're thingking. bhahaha. evil evil. just kidding.
eh, but with God you cannot hide anything because he KNOWS, he really KNOWS you better than yourself. (:

* suddenly remember of a friend who we sometimes communicate by eyes.haha. psycho~!! an event happened at alevelmedicine cafe. we,around 5 students were having our lunch and do a little chat when this friend just give me a glance. actually she was delivering a message by that glance.haha. and i understand it. i just nodded and said 'understood'great!! the others just confused and blurred of what we are 'talking' about.
fun btol bile ade satu geng yg boleh communicate secara telepati nih.haha


yui92 said...

ooo main mata ek? gtaw ustazah jailah kang... =p=p=p

faiz said...

haha,bersembang mata lah :p