Friday, September 30, 2011

bilik puaka

assalamualaikum w.b.t dan selamat sejahtera semua,
entry yang berani mati ni will tell you something scary and freaking stuff yang boleh buat korang ta cukup tido. so sape2 yang ase nak stay up tu. bacalah entry ni. tapi aku pon takot yg korang terus ase nak tido plak. hurm.. ape2 jelah. nak kena intro ke nak masuk cerita terus ni? haha. rilek dulu...

ini cerita tadak la seram mana pon. kalau buat muvii pon dapatla dalam dua tiga kupang ja kot... but something really troubles me recently. something unseen, but can be feel. sumthing our brain say it does not exists, but our heart beats say yes.

setting cerita ialah rumah kolej kediaman aku sendiri . kat ruang tamu. or kat sofa biru tu. haa..
nak dimulakan cerita sebelum ni kami empat orang tinggal dengan aman damai di bilik baru ini... and semester opening period make us feel exhilarated and always wanna stay up late night ,studying. one day, my friend was staying up alone at night in the living room. he was playing his computer games at that moment when .............. a key on the desk... about 10 cm away from the desk's edge .. fell down onto the floor suddenly. uiks. *gulpp*

and so he felt a little bit scared and decided to sleep on the floor in the living room.. because usually we will wake up early when sleeping on the floor than sleeping on the fluffy bed. XD
but... as he covered his face with the blanket...


he feels that a pillow just being thrown onto his face. as he lift down his blanket, and no one is there! but how come he just felt that force just that time? and so he cover again his face again and dap.... he got the 'same treatment' as before. something is being thrown / or a big slap maybe? UUU~~~~

then, he cannot take it anymore and walk inside his room and sleep there.

++++ to be continued ..(next time is my story) ..

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yui92 said...

waaa haha curious aku