Friday, September 30, 2011

bilik puaka v2.0


and today i would like to share with you guys about the horror things happened in my house. and it is happening to me recently. yesterday, i could not continue my writing because it is already three a.m and im afraid if bad things could happen ,and this could lead to my poorer health condition. selsema sekarang ni.

so may i continue? strengthen yourself reader~! (ta tkot sangat pon)

and so ...this one night...
i was studying, staying up and not even sleeping,, and im staying up alone where all my roommates already fell asleep... and everything is okay ..just fine.
i can play computer games without disturbance, i can doing my homeworks, and blogwalking too. everything was fine up until 5 o clock when i decided to complete my surah al kahfi prayer as this is thursday night or malam jumaat la kata omputehnya....

i sat on the sofa, the blue sofa and begin my recitation. and after two pages reciting... suddenly..

" SHEEESSSHHHHH~!!!!!! "***


i dont know how to describe the voice, or whisper that i heard. its sound like an angry cat, with bad tempered emotion and i felt like the voice it mad at me and telling me to stop praying.

shit. my body suddenly shivering. my face felt like it was shrunk gradually... and this not-calming feeling just seemed to engulf me. i always telling to myself that i have to be brave and not afraid of this being but i cannot help that my body acts that way. maybe my defense system kot.... tak boleh henti kegetaran jiwa tu

i increase my voice reading the al-kahfi verse, become louder. and the feeling is higher as well. memang tak boleh blah. kuat jugak psychological affect dy bagi kat aku. and then i decided to go to my room. hehe, barely manage to walk i tell you. my shivering legs just make me look scared. XD

oh, i just hoped that things will not follow me but........ to my dissappoinment. i can hear strange sound outside. plastics seemed to be touched or played by something invisible. ur... maybe that are just my imagination. however, the feeling us here. i can feel it.

but what made it worse is the part i sense a moving shadow outside my room. i make my reading louder. yeah, my voice sounded scattered a bit. and then i can feel the shadow passed through my back, going upward.. and maybe 'hanging' on the ceiling. ( the room is not lighted)..i just brace myself , but this time i feel better as my friends are also here sleeping in front of me.

and yeah, 5 minit lepas tu azan subuh. da kurang diganggu sikiit.
sebab azan ke ea? maybe.

ok nanti klu rajen i will continue posting.
peace, assalamualaikum


yui92 said...

hg xtidoq ka? or bangun qiyamullail? baguihh...

MoonForeva said...

"i can play computer games without disturbance, i can doing my homeworks, and blogwalking too"

this quote shows that he's not qiyamullail.. hahha...
hantu pun suka kat ang.. hahha..

faiz said...

ak tak qiyam. ak stay up.
pakdin correct. hantu tu batak kat ak kot. tp tak suka ak baca quran.